So here I sit…..I blogged a few years ago when we lived overseas and really enjoyed it. I am not sure why I stopped. But I decided last night, I wanted to set up a blog for my cookies. I enjoy making them so much and thought I would also enjoy blogging about them.

A couple of weeks ago, my boys and I were in Michigan visiting my aunt and her significant other. While we were getting dinner ready, we started discussing kids and vegetables and how my boys are not big veggie eaters. They aren’t the worst but they definitely could be a lot better about eating them. Maybe if their parents ate them, they would? Novel concept….
My aunt’s S/O joked that I should make a cookie with a vegetable on it. Kids would be eating their veggies, right? 😉 I thought the idea was funny but really didn’t plan to actually make a cookie with a veggie on it. After a very stressful week, I was ready to get baking yesterday. I wasn’t feeling very creative so I decided I would give my aunt’s S/O idea a try. I think they turned out pretty cute.
Cookies have the nutritional value that vegetables do, right?
The whole gang of vegetables
Mrs. Broccoli
Mr. Green Pepper
Mr. Tomato
Mr. Potato
Mrs. Asparagus (who apparently is missing an eyebrow!)
Mr. Radish
I had a few cookies left over so I gave these stick figures a try. I am not happy with the color of their faces. I thought the color was more of an off white but I guess not. Maybe I should call them ghost stick figures…..

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love the broccoli! My two boys (30 & 27 now) were so different as kids. Oldest one's favorite food was cauliflower if you can believe it. The younger one was not and still does not eat veggies.

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