Cookie Giveaway!

It’s back to school time!  Crazy, right?  Where did the summer go?  As a child, I remember that summer breaks seemed never ending.  I don’t think my kids are experiencing this though. The school years seem longer and summers shorter.

In my former life (BEFORE KIDS!), I was a teacher. I loved the first day of much EXCITEMENT (and anxiety for some).  The little girl who gave me a big hug when she first met me, the little boy who wouldn’t shake my hand or even look at me when he entered my classroom, and even the mom that cried on my shoulder because her daughter was starting the fifth grade.  My middle son is starting kindergarten next week, I am sure I will be shedding a few tears, as well.

In celebration of back to school, I thought we should have some fun.  I am going to be giving away two back to school cookie boxes.

There are several ways for you to enter this contest:

1) “Like” my  Facebook page and comment who your favorite teacher was when you were a child
2) Become a follower of this blog and post a comment on the blog saying that you did so and let me know who your favorite teacher was
3) Refer friends to the Not Your Everyday Cookie Facebook page – You can either share the link on your page or just have your friends say that you sent them.   (the number of entries you can get this way is endless!)

This contest ends Friday morning at 9:00 am and the winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Friday.

Tell me about those awesome teachers!

6 thoughts on “Cookie Giveaway!

  1. You're a cookie genius! I especially liked the cameras and the dental stuff cookies. Very cute and very creative! Great meeting you last week. I look forward to seeing you again sometime. -Pine

  2. I am now a "follower". My favorite teacher was Mr. Ruby in 4th grade. He encouraged me to always stand up for what I believe in and for myself (I was not confident) In 4th grade I finally had the courage to stand up to the school BULLY! When he found out, he just "winked" at me and I knew he was proud. When I became a 4th grade teacher, I encouraged my kiddos to find their voice and use it in their writing. I will always admire Mr. Ruby.

  3. I posted yesterday but it looks like it didn't go – my favorite teacher happened to also be my Aunt. She was a very fair teacher that explained math to me in a way that I could truly understand it. That was huge as that's where I've always struggled. She was taken at a very young age but she taught up until the day before she passed, teaching was truly her passion.

  4. My favorite teacher was someone I learned so much from, since he was my English teacher for 3 yrs in high school. As an honors student, many of us seemed to take English together, and it was the main time we all had together. I think this particular teacher enjoyed us as much as we all enjoyed him! Thanks, Mr. Coulter!Jenny

  5. My fave teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Mr Walker. He was a literary GENIUS! I'd always loved to read but he put a love for the classics in me that I still have to this day! I'll always remember him and his grand smile. R.I.P.2 seconds ago

  6. My favorite teacher grown up was my high school drama teacher. He was great – taught us alot, and let us develop into our own unique selves. 🙂 He passed away after a bee sting my senior year. So random, and very sad for us kids.

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