Days of Celebration…Engagement and Birthday Cookies

I am singing in my head that Cool and the Gang song, “Celebration”.   Can you hear it yet?  Push play on the video, if not! 😉   This week, I made engagement and 2nd birthday cookies.  Both of them were so much fun to make!

The engagement cookies were from the lucky man and lady’s aunt as a congratulations.   I’ve wanted to try love bird cookies, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!  I am not sure which cookie is my favorite.  The birdies are adorable, but I also love the tree.  It reminds me of a family tree and all of the love that goes into creating a strong family.  Call me sappy… won’t be the first.

A friend from my MOPS group asked me to make gluten free cookies for her son’s 2nd birthday with a theme of farm animals.  I was so excited because I’ve wanted to try the bandana print cookie.  These turned out pretty cute!!  On the birthday party invitations, the animals had big, silly eyes which I tried to recreate on the horses.

2 thoughts on “Days of Celebration…Engagement and Birthday Cookies

  1. I love the family tree and the sheep! Too cute! How did the gluten free recipe work? I haven't had anyone ask about gluten free but I've wondered about a good recipe to have on hand.

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