Moving Cookies

Howdy! (for those unaware…I am a Texas Aggie!) Gig em’!

I felt especially excited about making these cookies!

We currently live in the gorgeous state of Colorado, but  I was raised in Texas and call it home.  I was contacted by a friend in my book club to make cookies for her friend that was moving back to Texas from Colorado.  If you don’t know it yet, this state is full of “transplants”!  Raise your hand if you are a native…  See…not many hands raised!

When we moved to Colorado, our change of address cards were very similar to this USA cookie.  I would have never thought about putting into a cookie format until Susan from The Painted Cookie suggested it.  Thanks Susan!

Oh the dichotomy!

The couple moving back will be celebrating a birthday along the way hence the cupcakes and the paint palette is for the artist in the couple.

And because Texas is on the mind…I must say…

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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