Break Up Cookies

These were made for a lady who was in a long term relationship that ended badly.  I had many conversations with people about what would make a good “break up” cookie and these were the ideas that we came up with.  I think they are all hilarious.  Are they self explanatory?  If not, I’ll tell you what they all are.
Excuse my boo-boos on the “knight in shining armor” cookie.  That was the first time that I had written that long of a message on a cookie.  Apparently, my icing didn’t like it! 😉

 Love this quote and the one mentioned above!
The ball and chain is released!
 Scum bucket
 Need I say more?
 Dirt Bag
Boxing gloves because this lady is a fighter!

And the all fun Ex Boyfriend voodoo doll….just give him a few pokes!  Go on…I dare ya!
I hope these bring a smile to her face!!!

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