Action Advent Calendar

Growing up, my family always had an advent calendar, and I decided to keep the tradition with my own kids. As a child, my family always purchased the chocolate candy calendars, and I must admit for the first few years I bought the same for my boys. I soon realized the options available for Advent calendars! For a couple of years, we used the Lego and Playmobil calendars.

This year (with the help of my beloved Pintrest), I wanted to put together an action Advent Calendar.  I found an adorable personalized Advent calendar that has little pockets for each day. Each day, my boys will pull a card out of the day’s pocket and complete the task or receive the treat that the card reveals.  I have attached links to these documents if you are interested in trying this with your own children :Action Advent 1Action Advent 2Action Advent 3 .  I printed them on a sturdy Christmas card stock paper.

Like I said, this is the first time that we’ve tried this type of Advent Calendar.  I NEED to be organized to pull it off!  Wish me luck!!

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