Dinosaur Birthday

I live in a house of all males.  We have three young boys.   All three of them have a fascination with dinosaurs.  What is it about boys and dinosaurs?

We were at my favorite store, Target(!), a couple of weeks ago to pick up some thank you notes.  My son wanted the dinosaur thank you cards.  He saw them first and would not even look at anything else.  I tell you, it is something about those dinosaurs and boys. It is because they are big, powerful, and noisy?  I think so!

When we started working on his thank you notes, my son suggested that I put the dinosaur from the card onto a cookie.  It really was a good idea!  Here are the results….
In my former life, I was an elementary teacher which taught me to ALWAYS look for those teachable moments. This big guy brought one on….

My five year old made a comment about his yellow teeth which was hilarious.  Who knew a COOKIE could bring on the conversation about taking appropriate dental care?  Not I!

Anyway, sorry for my rambling…this is my first dinosaur cookie…I think he turned out pretty cute!

Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Birthday

  1. Super cute dinosaur cookie Lene! I live in a house with all males too. I have two daughters also, but they are grown and moved on. Now it's me and hubby and our 18-year old son and his 18-year old friend is living with us too and even the dog is a boy. Sometimes I think I might just pull my hair out 😉

  2. Hi Lene,I just discovered your blog via LilaLoa & I'm so glad I did. I too live in a male dominated household (although at least my cats are girls – LOL). So far we seem to have missed the dinosaur phase and it's all Star Wars at the moment…not sure I'm up to trying Star Wars cookies though :o)

  3. Thanks Cristin!! ❤ BOYS!!!Canterbury Cakes – thanks for stopping by! Yes, we are definitely Star Wars fans here! My older two LOVE all things in that galaxy far far away! 😉

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