Spring is in the air..or maybe it is just the insects….

I saw some clip art a few weeks ago that I really liked…full of the colorful insects of Spring.  I really wanted to make some cookies based on what I saw, but none of my insect cookie cutters were going to work.  

So I figured I would try to do what Sugarbelle  does…. make my insects based on the cookie cutters that I DO have.    

Here I just used two circles.  I used my smaller circle cookie cutter into the larger one to make space for the insect head.
I used one of my flower cutters to make space for this little guy’s legs.  I used the outline of the large circle to base my cut on.
I used a small heart for the antennae.  You can see what he looks like when all of the pieces are put together.

Here is the final product.  I see a lot of flaws when I look at him.  Will I ever have a perfect cookie?  I think not!  I need to learn to embrace what I do do correctly!
I used the balloon cookie cutter for this bee.

I cut one of the ends off and pointed the other.

He is my favorite.  I FORGOT to make wings for him.  I was going to use two small circle cut outs and put them above his body.  Oh well…the little side wing will have to do, right? 😉
Here I stretched out one of my heart cookie cutters for the dragonfly wings.

This guy is so fragile! I had to glue him together with icing!
Here I used half of the lips for each side of the body.

This was a first for me.  I’ve done a little manipulating with cookie cutters but not to this degree.  It was fun!  This set is far from perfect, but it was fun to create!  Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts on “Spring is in the air..or maybe it is just the insects….

  1. OH MY GOSH Lene! These are SOOOOO adorable! How extremely creative of you! Wow, I wish I had that talent! Beautiful job! Absolutely incredible. My favorite is the green one. Just adorable! Thanks for sharing your fun tutorial!

  2. Cristin – after our chat, I felt that I needed to step it up a little bit! This was a first for me but hope to do stuff like this more often!Thanks Brandi and llamamama (is this Tanya?)! They were SUPER fun to make!!

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