Secret Cookie Swap Cookies

I was involved in a secret cookie swap with 8 other cookiers.  We each had a questionnaire to fill out which was then sent to our “secret” cookier for them to make 6 cookies for us.   Each person was given only one person to make cookies for.  It was your job to decipher the information given and go from there.

The swappers involved were Wonderland Cookie Company, The Shaky Baker, Sugar T’s Cookies, The Plaid Cookie Company, Mighty Delighty,Little Lulu’s Confections, The Cookie Princess, and The Cookie Cutters.

My person was Sugar T’s Cookies.  She said on her questionnaire that she was a very eclectic person involved in MANY things with MANY ideas swimming around in her head.  I wanted to create this image somehow but wasn’t sure how.  I finally decided that thought bubbles would be perfect but I couldn’t quite find exactly what I was looking for.  In the end, I did find this from Copper Gifts and they worked out great!  Sugar T’s Cookies said some of her favorites were music (specifically Coldplay), lime green, Mexican food, hydrangeas, and she is a teacher by day (cookier by night!). She would totally be my friend if we lived closer!

I wanted to make these cookies special so I decided to try a new cookie recipe.  I went with Sweet Sugarbelle’s roll out chocolate chip cookie recipe.  IT WAS A HUGE HIT IN MY HOUSE!  My husband and boys LOVED these cookies.  They are now something that I offer.  YUMMY!

This woman is a little bit weird to me, but she was my first attempt at a person’s face in cookie form. 
So here is Sugar T’s Cookies with all of her thoughts running through her head!!
Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Secret Cookie Swap Cookies

  1. Faces ARE scary! LOL I need A LOT of practice! I think the little dots on the taco made it…thank goodness for the edible markers!They were YUMMY, Morgan!! I don't need to make those too often!

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