They’re Magically Delicious….

I will admit it…I am sometimes a bad mom.  I sometimes buy my kids not so healthy cereals!  *eek*  (Please don’t tell my mommy friends!)  My boys beg and plead….and sometimes…I just can’t say no….especially when my two year old says, “PLEASE MOMMY!”

Growing up, my husband had a fascination with Lucky Charms.  He passed that down to two of my three boys.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucky Charms.    I don’t know what it is about that cereal, but they love it.  My youngest calls it his “rainbow cereal”.  Anything with the word rainbow can’t be that bad, right?

When I made St. Patrick’s Day cookies a couple of weeks ago, my husband suggested I make Lucky Charms cookies.  He is the creative one in the family….I knew the boys would LOVE to have cookies with ole’ Lucky on them.  I was right.  They were so excited when they saw what I was working on and even more excited when I said they were for them to eat!

I did a little research on Wikipedia (the MOST reliable source out there, ya know) and found there is quite a history with those yummy little marshmallows.  Did you know the only original shape left is the pink heart? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know that either!  I will admit, I did pick and choose what I wanted to make.  I was looking at the cereal the other day and really couldn’t make out exactly what the hourglass and shooting stars were (thank you for your knowledge, Wikipedia!).    The diamond wasn’t yellow either, but I am not perfect! =)

So here is my rendition of Lucky Charms Cookies

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