Fun with Kids – Marshmallow Sculptures

When the summer started, I had such high hopes.  So many wonderful ideas and activities to do with the kids.  I guess that was before the reality of the crazy summer hit me.  We moved across the country and stayed with family for a couple of weeks.  Once we actually got to Maryland, I had the boys signed up for a couple of weeks of camp.  Needless to say, the summer bucket list I had planned for us, fell off of my radar  was packed in a box lost in the sea of boxes in our basement.

Here we sit, two weeks before school starts….I need to kick it in high gear!  I realized the other day that I NEED to do something with the kids.  So Sunday, we finally pulled out the bucket list jar and drew for the week.

Today was Make it Monday, and our activity was to build marshmallow sculptures. My boys (what boy doesn’t??) LOVE to build…anything…legos, blocks, marshmallows…it’s all the same to them.

This is such a great activity to do with  the kids.  They have tons of fun, it’s cheap, and the items needed are probably in your pantry!  Easy peasy!

We had to go pick up school supplies this morning so we decided to pick up some extra marshmallows and sticks while we were at Target. I think we over bought, but now we are set for a while. =)

You will need:




toothpicks (and any other kind of stick that you think would work!)  I also pulled out my food markers.  The boys loved using the markers to add details.


and VERY excited kids!

See I told you – EASY PEASY!

The kids just use their imagination and build. Some of the creations my boys created were animals, worms, kings, buildings, chairs, and baby strollers. There were a few blobs which would gobbled up quickly.


caught him in the act of eating his art



worm family




marshmallow king


our dog, Yoda


a lion


the whole gang

I am not sure how many marshmallows actually made it into their stomachs, but I am going to guess quite a few!  The boys had a blast making these sculptures and are already in the planning stages for the next time we make them.

Tip: You may want to take the marshmallows out of the bag an hour before you start so they have time to firm up a little bit.  We found those to be the least sticky and easiest to work with.

Let me know how it works for you!!

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