Circus Cookies

I just finished an order of circus cookies for a friend.  They were so much fun!  In trying to think about what images I wanted to create, I couldn’t help but think of my own childhood memories at the circus.   My family always went to the Ringling Brothers Circus.  My husband, however, actually went to a few different small tent circuses.  Either way, the circus is FUN!  My boys love going, and we try to make it each year when it is in town.

Images that come to mind for me…animals, circus tent, bright lights,and sweets!


I tried to make cotton candy but it just didn’t look like cotton candy.  When my son saw it last night, he said the ice cream looked good. And voila…we have ice cream!  I need to work on the whole “whimsical” thing!



I hope these took  you for a trip down memory lane!  Now go look up when the circus will be in your town.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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