Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Family Movie Night

In my former life, I was an upper elementary teacher, and when I was teaching, Harry Potter was at the top of his game.  Harry was everywhere, and I was a HUGE fan of the books.  Because of this love, many of my students gave the books a chance and also fell in love with the stories.  Eight years later, I FINALLY got my son to agree to read the book one, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with me.  Seriously, I was so excited….literally bouncing off the walls.  So we read the story, and he LOVED it. YEA!!!  I promised him once we finished the book, we would have a family movie night.  We often do family movie night on Fridays.  It’s usually pizza and a family movie.  The whole family enjoys it.

I have a really good friend who brings family movie night to a whole new level.  She is one of those people who inspires you to be a better mom!  I decided that I wanted to do her type of movie night.  I wasn’t very smart and didn’t allow myself much time.  We finished the book on a Tuesday or Wednesday and  movie night was that Friday.  Luckily, I am a pinterest junkie and was able to find a lot of ideas on there.    We will most definitely have another Harry Potter movie night although I am not sure for which book that will be.  Maybe I’ll be smart and pick up Harry Potterish items on clearance after Halloween.

I was looking for quick and easy ideas to pull together.  That friend I mentioned earlier pointed me in the direction of this blog .  I saw she used LED tealights with paper around them hanging from the ceiling to look like the the candles in the movie.  Score!  I could totally do that!!  (PLEASE excuse my photos!  I was not able to really get any good ones of the night…that’s something I need to work on.)

These candles were the first thing my boys saw when they walked in the front door.   I had a Harry Potter station on Pandora playing in the background, and I greeted the boys as they walked in and welcomed them to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The looks on their faces were PRICELESS! They were so excited!

My husband picked up Dragon Bones (aka Popeye’s Fried Chicken – I KNOW! NOT healthy but very tasty) for dinner.  While we were getting everyone’s plates ready, I had a Harry Potter coloring page for my three year old and this  create your own spells worksheet for them to work on.

The night was full of silly faces and fun!  I took pretzel rods and dipped them in white chocolate and then put different sprinkles on them.  They told me which wand chose them because the wand always chooses the person not the other way around in HP!  They had so much fun with the wands.


Apparently, I was the target of many spells!!

I found silly glasses at Michael’s.  They weren’t exactly Harry Potter, but they were as close as I could find.

In the center of the table, I had a lazy susan with a witch hat.  On the brim of the witch hat, I had jars filled with various things.  I used this printable  for the jar labels.

  • truth serum – I filled with blue Gatorade (which apparently does make your children tell the truth.  I learned my two oldest took two pieces of candy without permission! LOL)
  • gillyweed – I raided my basil plant
  • dried beetles – dark chocolate covered blueberries from Trader Joe’s
  • blind cat eyes – eyeball gumballs found at Target
  • magic wands – the pretzel rods above
  • bat eyes – dark chocolate covered cheerios found at Trader Joe’s

I made Pumpkin Pasties in which I just used Trader Joe’s pie crust filled with the ingredients for a pumpkin pie.  These were delicious!   Pumpkin Juice which wasn’t so pumpkin like, was Izze Sparkling Juice poured into a cup with a drop of food coloring in it.  I added the food coloring to the cups earlier in the day and the boys saw me pouring the juice in the cups so they were amazed at the different colors.  It’s magic, ya know….

During the movie, the boys snacked on Ghost Poop aka Caramel Corn (which my three year old wouldn’t touch because of the name!) and had a frothy mug of butter beer (which I didn’t get a photo of).  I found the butter beer recipe here.

It was such a fun night for everyone in the family.  I was made to promise the boys that we would have MANY MORE family movie nights like this.  With the ease of locating ideas, I think this will most definitely be a reoccurring night in our house!

Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Family Movie Night

  1. This is awesome. I can’t decide whether to show it to Mark or not. He would love it! Mark just finished reading number 6, and he would be merciless until we did this. I especially like the wands. Did they end up in a thousand pieces (which is what would happen at my house) or did the kids keep them whole?

    • Kristi- They actually just ate the end off of the wand and left the rest on the table! lol I wouldn’t even show it to Mark, just surprise him! Have Mike take the boys our somewhere for an hour or so and get the house ready. The boys knew we were doing a movie night but had no idea it would be like this. They had SO much fun!!

  2. You did such a great job!! Too cute! And I love the pictures of the boys!! I love the way you did the witch hat…along with everything else!! Those smiles makes all that hard work worth it!! Thanks for sharing!!

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