Valentine’s Day Cookies

I guess my mind has skipped right over winter and gone right to Valentine’s Day for cookie ideas.

Admittedly, I am on Pinterest more than I should be, and I really do find inspiration in everything.  For a long time, I’ve seen this set of cookies   floating around Pinterest and have wanted to make something along those lines.  They are adorable, aren’t they? Then last week, I came across this and had to put that in cookie form.


Like I’ve told you, one hundred times before, I am a bit of a dork and like silly things.  I saw a Valentine’s Day card at Target the other day that had a picture of a ewe and said “I love ewe!”.  Well, it screamed cookie to me!


Both of these sets were made with special people in mind.  Yes, they will be early for Valentine’s Day but hopefully they will eat them just a little bit early. =)

I am working on another post that I am really excited about!  More to come soon!

Thanks for visiting!



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